• Q.How is OneMonthSpanish different from other language courses?

    A. We created One Month Spanish to focus on the needs of travelers and others who need to rapidly improve their Spanish speaking skills. Most Spanish courses focus on a linguistic approach to teaching Spanish, which often relies on long-winded grammar explanations like detailing how the Spanish subjunctive traces its roots back to Latin.  This is why students who have studied Spanish in a classroom setting for years are often still not able to converse in Spanish.  One Month Spanish is aimed at increasing conversational proficiency.  We try to avoid forcefeeding you abstract grammar concepts, and focus more on teaching you language patterns and common structures you can use right away.

  • Q.Is this just a fancy phrasebook?

    A. No!  One Month Spanish is a true Spanish speaking course, not a phrasebook.  You will learn core Spanish speaking patterns and vocabulary that will improve your ability to speak real Spanish, not just memorize specific phrases.  The Spanish you learn will provide a solid foundation for future progression in Spanish.

  • Q.How much Spanish do I need to know before beginning OneMonthSpanish? What if I am a total beginner?

    A. One Month Spanish most ideally suited for people who have had at least some prior exposure to Spanish and want to quickly get to the point of being able to converse in Spanish.  You do not need to have studied Spanish for months or years, but you should know some of the basics (e.g. present tense verbs, basic understanding of the role of verb conjugations) and some modest vocabulary.

  • Q.How long do I have access to the content? Only for one month?

    A. Your membership lasts for six months from the date of signup.

  • Q.How much Spanish can really be learned in one month? Will I be fluent?

    A. After One Month Spanish, you should be familiar with approximately 1000-1500 of the most commonly used Spanish words, which account for approximately 80% of spoken Spanish.  If you are currently a beginner, using One Month Spanish should take you to an intermediate/semi-advanced level Spanish speaker. However, achieving true mastery will require continued practice outside of the course.

  • Q.How much study time do I need to devote to each lesson?

    A. One Month Spanish is an intensive course designed to help motivated students learn Spanish quickly. You should plan on spending up to 1.5-2 hours for each daily lesson.  However, you are welcome to spend less than an hour each day if you are content to proceed through the course at a slower pace.

  • Q.What if I am living in a Spanish speaking country?

    A. If you planning spend some time in Spanish speaking country, taking One Month Spanish before you leave or shortly after you arrive will give you a head start and make your time there richer and more enjoyable.  Living in a Spanish country can help you learn more Spanish quickly, but simply relying on passive immersion is a recipe for failure. Linguists estimate that you need at least a 3000 word vocabulary in the target language before you are able to learn new words simply by context – until then you need to focus on active rather than passive learning strategies. Taking One Month Spanish shortly after arriving will greatly accelerate your ability to blend into the local culture and enjoy your experience.