Learning Spanish through Music: “Qué Dificil Es Hablar El Español”

In today’s exercise, we’ll listen to the song Qué Dificil Es Hablar El Español by Juan Andrés Ospina and Nicolás Ospina, two brothers from Colombia.

This song is great one for Spanish learners to learn from and practice their listening skills, since it’s not too fast and uses a lot of familiar vocabulary (at least in the beginning). The song also highlights some of the quirky regional variations in language that often stymie even native Spanish speakers!

To turn this song into a learning exercise, we are going to use a simplified version of our Dialogue Deconstruction Method. If you are not familiar with our Dialogue Deconstruction Method, you can learn more about our conversational Spanish learning method here.

Click on the video above to play the song and get started. As you listen, try fill in each of the blanks below with the missing words or phrases. If you have even a basic vocabulary in Spanish, most of the missing words should be familiar to you if you listen carefully.

Yo viajé por distinto países,
conocí las más lindas __________,
yo probé deliciosa ____________,
yo bailé ritmos muy _____________.

Desde México fui a Patagonia,
y en España unos años viví,
me esforcé por hablar ___________,
pero yo nunca lo conseguí…

Qué difícil es hablar el español,
porque todo lo que dices tiene _______________.
Qué difícil entender el español,
si lo aprendes, ¡no te muevas de región!

Qué difícil es hablar el español,
porque todo lo que dices tiene otra definición.
Qué difícil es entender el español,
Yo ya me doy por vencido «para mi país me voy.»

Once you have filled it all the blanks, click the link below to review the full lyrics, along with the translation in English. Then listen to the full song again and try to follow along the rest of the song in Spanish:

Full lyrics and translation to Que Dificil Es Hablar El Español

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